Is your daily life wearing you down?

Are you constantly tired and worn out?

Are you always busy?

Do you feel lonely?

Have you lost your passion?

Have you lost sight of who you are?

Are you constantly minding everyone else and loosing yourself in the process?

Do you sometimes put your head in your hands and cry?

Hi, I’m Naomi

I found my day to day life really challenging; I was constantly tired and I seldom felt self-fulfilled

I often just tried to ‘just get through the day’ rather than living each day.

My day to day life was mostly busy, lonely, and directed to minding everyone else and not myself.

I had forgotten who I was.

Luckily for me I knew where to look for help and I now have the knowledge and love and willingness to share it with you.

Benefits of Working With Me

loving life

I love health and well being.

I will listen to you, and together we will find ways for you to find your true self again.

healthy mind

I will help you to shed the layers belief that are no longer of any benefit to you personally or to your practical day to day life.

more energy

If you have health concerns we can do a bio energetic health screening and see what is going on with your health and I will prescribe a remedy specifically for you.

healthy body

If you are unwell or have symptoms of ill health, we can address this too with homeopathy.

My daughter had stopped attending secondary school, she had lost confidence, suffered with anxiety and wasn't herself.
Naomi was kind and consultations between them became something my daughter looked forward to.
She was able to test her for mineral and vitamin deficiencies and see what was going on with food sensitivities with her machine.
Naomi gave her her life back.
And she is back in school and happy.

We have been patients of Naomi’s for 3 years now.
I have watch both my boys recover from chronic and acute illnesses with her homeopathic prescriptions.
And my eldest son has gained so much confidence thanks to homeopathy and Naomi. Naomi’s help and advise have helped us out the other end. I myself can honestly say, i don’t know where i would be physically and mentally if not for Naomi’s consultations.
I am so much more secure in myself and have discovered aspects of myself that I never realised were there. 
I have watched Naomi build up her practice incorporating the 3 Principles and Bio energetic testing, both of which I have had experience with. I find the bio energetic testing a beneficial too for everyone . 

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